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Mission Statement

At QB Rising we understand the quarterback position is the most political position in sports, and it is also the most under-coached position. It is our mission to develop effortlessly accurate passers who also understand their leadership role reaches far beyond their play on the field.

Coach Steve

About Coach Cisneros

Coach Steve Cisneros has been coaching young quarterbacks since 1990. He teaches the mechanics and fundamentals of passing the football so that accurate passing skills become automatic for the player. He takes an individualized approach with each player, breaking down the basics according to the needs of the player.

Each athlete who works with Coach Cisneros receives the same individualized attention starting at the beginning and building up from there. Coach Cisneros is passionate about helping young quarterbacks reach their goals with skills that will last, both on the football field and throughout their lives.


Coach Cisneros played collegiate football at Wichita State (Ks.) University as a Quarterback under head coach Ron Chismar. Since the conclusion of his playing days, Cisneros moved to Washington D.C. and coached with legendary high school football coach Bob Headen at H.D. Woodson Senior high school.

Cisneros has coached quarterbacks privately for the last 30 years. Cisneros is also known as a top tier talent evaluator of high school football players nationally. Coach Cisneros has coached and mentored athletes including such notables as Byron Leftwich, Geno Smith and E.J. Manuel.

Along the way, Coach Cisneros has coached many outstanding high school quarterbacks who have gone on to have successful college playing careers at such institutions as Lehigh, Rutgers, Texas Tech, Bucknell, University of Chicago and MIT.